Imagery is my life and life is something beautiful

To draw, you must close your eyes and sing ~ Pablo Picasso

Who I Am

Hello my name is Andrew Usher, born and bred in the Lancashire town of Preston which is now a City.

From a very early age I spent a great deal of time drawing and painting, I remember winning a prize at school for a drawing I did of a tree. This gave me great encouragement at such an young age and as I grew older, my enthusiasm and love for various artistic work and design began to develop.

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What I Use

I have been asked on numerous occasions what materials I use, eg, brushes, paint, inks, paper, pencils, etc. So to answer those questions, here are my preferences.


I use two types of paper for watercolour and ink work, the first is Bockinford 425gm watercolour paper, the grade is ideal when large applications of water are required.

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