Handing over Drew Pritchards portrait.

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Handing over Drew Pritchards portrait.

At Drews shop in Conwy North Wales.

The Winds Of Change

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Just blown in from the west of Ireland, the Irish sea crossing back to Holyhead was like a mill pond, it was hard to believe that the day before it had been very rough and stormy,  from on board the ferry it looked like a summers day you could see for miles, after such devastation  the sea had thrown at us, it was hard to believe such a day could follow, but this now is a pattern that is forming world wide, and we must try to take action to lesson the impact, what I don`t know, I hope someone does?













there property, and sadly some there lives

Looking Forward.

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Well 2014 is here, and a wet and windy start it is, I am looking forward to spring, and getting out and about sketching and planning new works, but you can still get out there now on the dry frosty mornings, when the light is perfect for deep shadows, and the red sky afternoons produce an array of hues.

So enjoy the coming months, and those long warm days.

Go Outdoors

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This time of year is perfect for getting out with your sketch book, and if you feel real`y brave take a set of pastels with you and create on the spot, you could of course use watercolour pencils, and use a little water to blend in the colours, of take it home and finish it there. Whichever you choose a cold bright day is ideal for long shadows and rich colours, so go on, get on your coat, and enjoy. (more…)

An alternative to bottled ink.

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In my art I use mainly inks and watercolours, and the inks can be a bit messy, drips and blobs etc, I am used to the inks now, but for those of you who would like to try using inks, but without the drips etc, try Derwent Inktense pencils, you get the vibrant  ink colours, but in a pencil, why not have a go, then once you have got used to using ink, then try the bottled variety, if you need any advice about anything arty, let me know.

Learning every day

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Well, for me I would rather paint than do web page design, but I am enjoying this new venture, and Flatpack Digital, have done a great job.

My first blog

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new website and my first blog.

Hope you enjoy the tutorials and come back to see what interesting stuff I’ve been doing.

Next blog soon!!!!!!