Here is my first tutorial to help the budding artist on their way, I will be producing more in the weeks to come so please come back.

If anyone would like me to help or create a tutorial on a specific technique I use or style then please get in touch and I will do my best to help.

How to Paint a Bird

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How to Paint a Bird

How to paint a sparrow   When people see my work they say “where do you start”? Well here is a short tutorial on how I would go about the process:-   Let’s imagine we are going to paint a bird.     Firstly, what to use? First of all the paper – my favourites are Langton Prestige 300 GSM watercolour paper and Bockingford 425 GSM. However, most of my work is done on the Langton 300 GSM, this paper holds the quantity of water which I use. Most of my work is done in Inks and Watercolour pencils.  The inks I use...

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