What I Use

I have been asked on numerous occasions what materials I use, eg, brushes, paint, inks, paper, pencils, etc. So to answer those questions, here are my preferences.


I use two types of paper for watercolour and ink work, the first is Bockinford 425gm watercolour paper, the grade is ideal when large applications of water are required.

 For general use with watercolour and ink I use Langton Prestige HP 300gm, the prestige has  a finer grain, and smooth to the touch whereas the Bockinford is slightly textured.


I was always told to buy the best you can afford, I find this to be true because cheap brushes fall apart after a few weeks of use,so in the end you spend more replacing them.


I use Winsor & newton inks, although other inks on the market will be equally as good, however these are my preferences. They are inter-mixable and produce bright and vivid colours. They can either be used straight from the bottle or with as much or as little water as required.

Water colour and watercolour pencils

The Watercolour pencils I use are made by Derwent. The Derwent are my favourite because of the vast array of colours which they produce. I use these along with the Winsor and Newton inks for most of my artwork.


I use Conte pastel pencils, also Conte soft to medium pastel sticks. The soft to medium pastels are easily blended when rubbed in with fingers or purpose made blending implements.