Who I Am

Hello my name is Andrew Usher, born and bred in the Lancashire town of Preston which is now a City.

From a very early age I spent a great deal of time drawing and painting, I remember winning a prize at school for a drawing I did of a tree. This gave me great encouragement at such an young age and as I grew older, my enthusiasm and love for various artistic work and design began to develop.

At the age of ? I became a professional photographer, although this allowed me little time for painting and drawing, it gave me plenty of scope to exercise my love for the natural world .

Andrew at Work


Eventually, my photographic work came first and I had to surrender my artwork because of the pressure of my job. However, later on I began to throw myself into my artwork and soon afterwards some of my paintings were exhibited in Japan,

Australia,America and Europe.

I specialize in watercolour and inks, but I also paint in oils, draw and sketch in pencil, charcoal and pastel.
My work is varied with landscapes, portraits, wildlife and abstracts.

I have a great love of Ireland and spend much time there viewing and painting the Irish landscape.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.